• JessicaIsDancing

What to Give Your Dance Teacher: Affordable Gift Guide

With the holiday season upon us, I have realized how often I am asked what I would like as a gift at the end of the year from students...and the honest answer is NOTHING! I hope my students know there is no pressure or obligation to gift me anything -- your hard work in class is more than enough.

If you do insist on bringing your teacher a little something special as a thank you, here are some cost-effective suggestions for gifts teachers love to receive (that don't break the budget)!

1. Handmade Gifts

There is nothing better than something made with love from a student! Some of my favorite dance memories have been summed up beautifully in a crayon drawing by a young student. Even older students have gifted me beautiful handmade jewelry, baskets, and cards.

2. Coffee, coffee, and more coffee!

You can't go wrong with a bag of your favorite coffee or tea, a gift card to a coffee shop near the studio, or some latte mixes! It doesn't need to be expensive or gourmet -- we are in it for the caffeine!

3. First Aid Boxes

We go through a lot of bandaids, ice packs, and other supplies throughout the year, and a lot of teachers supply these things themselves! One box of Frozen-themed bandaids goes a long way with the little ballerinas toward making their boo-boos better, and happy students make for happy teachers!

4. Classroom Supplies

Dance teachers use a lot of the same things elementary teachers do -- bulletin board supplies, sharpies, stationery, cardstock, construction paper, paint brushes, rolls of tape, and any other handy supplies are always thoughtful and appreciated -- (a Staples gift card works, too!)

5. Little Luxuries

To combat the performance stress and help foster your teachers' post-recital relaxation, little self-care items are perfect. A mini hand lotion for the dance bag, cozy socks for sore feet, chocolate, scented hand sanitizer, face masks, and candles make the perfect gifts for a teacher to indulge in over the holiday break.

One last note: As much fun as it is to bring a teacher's gift to the beginning of class, I request gift-givers to be mindful of any classmates who would like to give gifts, but financially cannot afford to. Bringing a gift in after class is a nice way to be considerate and help other students avoid feeling unnecessary guilt.

What are your thoughts on teacher gifts? Did I miss any good suggestions?