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January Favorites

Updated: Jan 14, 2019

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We are getting on towards the half-way mark of January! Here are some of the things I've been living in and loving this month.

Favorite Clothing: Long Sleeve Leotards

As the winter weather sets in, I am finding myself more and more reaching for those long sleeved options, and that includes my time in the studio. I prefer the lycra or spandex versions, because they still let your skin breathe while keeping you warm.

Favorite Song: Lost In Japan - Remix

Every time this song comes on, I have to start moving. This time of year I tend to clear out my old songs from the last year, but I can't shelve this one.

Favorite Food: Cheddar Rockets

I am a big snacker, and this time of year (especially around The Nutcracker) I need to refuel during rehearsals. A PB&J is usually my go-to, but keeping kids' peanut allergies in mind, Cheddar Rockets from Trader Joe's has secured a place in my snack bag.

Favorite Dance Item: Big Roomy Tote Purse

Typically I carry two bags with me to rehearsals: a purse and a dance tote. However, I received a big pink purse as a gift and can't get over how much stuff I can stuff into it! The less I have to carry, the better: especially when trudging through the snow this time of year!

Favorite Accessory: MantraBand

I recently treated myself to a third MantraBand, which says "Do It Anyway." I chose this as a wrap-up to my 2018 year, reminding me of all the important chances I took this year that led me to where I am. I read it every day and it keeps things in perspective for me. You can find this particular band here, but there are so many other inspiring ones, too.

hands holding bracelets

(They also hold up really well. The first two pictured here I received as Christmas gifts last December, and I wear them just about every day!)

Favorite App: Canva

This month, I'm finding myself in need of a quick graphic here or there for Instagram, Facebook, or just general blog stuff. Canva has been my go-to, especially as someone not "design-inclined." It has a web app as well as a mobile version!

What are your favorites this month? Let me know!


NOTE: I am not affiliated with or sponsored by any products, services, or companies mentioned in this post. These are recommendations based on my own opinions.


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