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Best Props to Use in the Dance Studio

Check out my list of inexpensive and easy-to-use props for your dance classes!

1. Hula Hoops

Great for practicing jumping! Lay them on the floor and have your dancers practice jumping in and out, forwards and backwards, side to side, one foot, etc. Or, incorporate them into your free dance portion of class, and watch how they can improv with a prop!

2. Yoga Mat Circles/Shapes

If you aren't able to put down tape on your dance studio floor, try cutting out shapes for your students to stand on from a yoga mat! I found an inexpensive one at 5 Below, and I was able to get about 20 shapes out of the mat. I even cut a few into the shape the feet make for First Position to help my little ones! They love it and it feels like a special place for them to stand -- so not only are you making a fun activity, you are keeping order in the classroom! It's a win-win.

3. Scarves

Great for a reward at the end of class, I love bringing out the box of colorful scarves. Give each child a different scarf and try calling out different commands with the music: "All dancers with green scarves, FREEZE!" "Everyone holding a purple scarf, PLIE!" It adds an extra dimension of concentration, and who doesn't love waving a scarf around the room? Scarves also make great fairy wings, butterflies, and rainbows!

4. Streamers/Ribbons

This one requires careful selection with age groups. Make sure your children are old enough to not tangle themselves up in a dangerous way with these streamers! Now that the safety warning is out of the way, invite your dancers to imagine they leave a magical trail as they dance by pulling the ribbons along behind them. Or you can loop them into shapes and ask the dancers to copy those shapes. No matter what you choose to do with them, little ones love colorful ribbons!

6. Painter's Tape

Again, check the rules of your space to see what you can put on the floor, but painter's tape is an excellent resource that won't damage your flooring! Tape out your dancers' foot placement, create lines for them to balance on, an obstacle course, and more! The possibilities are endless!

What did I miss? Did your favorite prop make the list? Drop me a comment below and let me know!


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