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3 Dance Games You Can Play in Class -- Tonight!

Are the kids bored with freeze dance? Here are 3 Zero-Prep Games you can add to your class to switch things up!

Game 1: "Follow the Dancer"

A line leader-style game where students take turns leading the group around the room with directed movement. For example, the first child skips around the room while others follow. Then when the child is back to the start, they go to the end of the line.

The next child continues by choosing a new movement, maybe bunny hops, and the rest of the group follows. (Bonus tip: encourage children to participate by reminding them that they won't get a turn to be line leader unless they are good participants!)

Game 2: "Choreography Round Robin"

A game about making up a dance as a group -- pick a song and start it off by teaching a 4- or 8- count movement. Have everyone practice it all together, then call on a student to continue the dance. Ask them to make up a small piece, and then practice it again as a group. Continue this until everyone has had a turn to add on.

The first time I gave this a try, I was skeptical about engagement. However the kids were be invested in the dance because they had creative input in it!

Game 3: "The Floor is Lava"

A classic with a twist -- put pieces of paper or any items to step on across the floor (I use cut-out yoga mat shapes) and then paint a picture for your class: "Bad news, dancers! The studio has been overtaken by lava. And the only way for us to cross is to make it safely through this path."

To make it more technique-based, tell your class they can only move from space to space by bourrée-ing, leaping, sauté-ing, etc.

(Safety Tip: Make sure whatever the kids are stepping on are slip-proof. You can tape them down with painter's tape or just tape off sections of the floor to be on the safer side.)

What are your go-to games to play in class? Let me know in the comments!


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